What’s Coming to Netflix in December 2020

netflix december 2020 releases

Welcome to your comprehensive look at what’s coming to Netflix in the US throughout the month of December 2020. It’s going to be a strong month for new Netflix Originals and movies as we’ll show below.

Netflix’s Christmas 2020 lineup will continue releasing throughout December 2020 although the majority of the big titles will have already released in November.

If you want to see an expanded breakdown of the new Netflix Originals coming in December, you can check them out in our ongoing preview.

December Dates TBD

  • Go Dog Go (Season 1) N
  • Robin Robin (2020)
  • The Claus Family (2020) N 

What’s Coming to Netflix on December 1st

  • Angela’s Christmas Wish (2020) N – Animated sequel to the Irish Christmas themed title for kids.

effie gray netflix december 2020

  • Are You The One? (Seasons 1 & 2) – Reality series where lovers stay in a holiday destination hoping to find the one.
  • Effie Gray (2014) – Romantic biopic of the love triangle between John Ruskin, Euphemia Gray, and John Everett Millais set in Victorian England.
  • Gormiti (Season 1) – Italian animated series.
  • Marauders (2016) – Bruce Willis and Dave Bautista star in this action crime thriller about a group of untraceable bank robbers.
  • Peppermint (2018) – Thriller starring Jennifer Garner about a woman seeking revenge for the death of her husband and daughter.
  • Super Wings (Season 3) – New animated episodes for kids with Jett and the Super Wings.
  • The Guest (Season 1) – Mystery TV horror from South Korea.
  • The Holiday Movies That Made Us (Season 1) N – Retrospective documentary looking at well-known and much-loved Christmas favorites.
  • The Repair Shop (Season 3) – British reality series where master craftsmen repair family heirlooms.
  • U-Turn (2020) – Horror thriller from the Phillippines.

What’s Coming to Netflix on December 2nd

  • Alien Worlds (Season 1) N – A CGI experimental series that looks at what would happen if you had life on alien planets.
  • Ari Eldjarn: Pardon My Icelandic (2020) N – Stand-up special.
  • Fierce (2020) N – Polish musical comedy.
  • Hazel Brugger: Tropical (2020) N – German standup special.
  • Just Another Christmas (2020) N – Brazillian Christmas comedy.

What’s Coming to Netflix on December 3rd

  • Between Maybes (2019) – Drama romance directed by Jason Paul Laxamana about a Filipina actress meeting a young man while on vacation to Japan.
  • Break (2020) N – Dance movie.
  • Chico Bon Bon and the Very Berry Holiday (2020) N – Kids holiday animated special.
  • Just Another Christmas (2020) N – Portuguese comedy movie.

What’s Coming to Netflix on December 4th

  • Bhaag Bhaag Bhaag (Season 1) N – Romantic comedy series from India.
  • Big Mouth (Season 4) N – The next set of episodes of the animated coming-of-age sitcom.
  • Captain Underpants: Mega Blissmas (2020) N – Kids holiday special for Dreamworks series.
  • Christmas Crossfire (Wir Konnen Nicht Anders) (2020) N – German Christmas thriller about a man trying to flee after a foiled murder attempt.
  • Just Another Christmas (2020) N – Brazillian comedy ground-hog day clone where man is forced to repeat Christmas over and over again.
  • Kings of Jo’Burg (Season 1) – South-African crime series about a group of brothers who rule in the criminal underworld.
  • Leyla Everlasting (2020) N – Turkish drama from Ezel Akay about a couple who needs to find new ways to spice up their marriage.
  • MANK (2020) N – The David Fincher epic filmed entirely in black & white and documents the writing of Citizen Kane.
  • Pokémon Journeys: The Series (Part 3) N – The third batch of episodes from season 24 of Pokemon Journeys.
  • Selena: The Series (Season 1) N – Christian Serratos features in this biopic series on the international sensation Selena Quintanilla.
  • The Great British Baking Show: Holidays (Season 3) N – Christmas recipes from the Great British Bakeoff Tent.

What’s Coming to Netflix on December 5th

  • Detention: The Series (Season 1) N – Taiwanese thriller series set in a high school during the 1990s.
  • Mighty Express: A Mighty Christmas (2020) N – Holiday special for Netflix’s animated series featuring trains!

What’s Coming to Netflix on December 7th

  • 100 Days My Prince (Season 1) – K-Drama comedy about a prince getting to experience a commoner’s life.

ava 2020 new on netflix

  • Ava (2020) – Netflix has the SVOD premiere of the 2020 action-thriller starring Jessica Chastain.

What’s Coming to Netflix on December 8th

  • André & his olive tree (2020) – Cooking documentary on famous Taiwanese chef, André Chiang.
  • Emicida: AmarElo: It’s All For Yesterday (2020) N – Brazillian feel-good movie.
  • Mr. Iglesias (Part 3) N – The next batch of episodes for the family sitcom.
  • Spirit Riding Free: Ride Along Adventure (2020) N – Interactive special of the Dreamworks animated series.
  • Super Monsters: Santa’s Super Monster Helpers (2020) N – Animated special for the Halloween themed kids series.

triple 9 netflix december 2020

  • Triple 9 (2016) – Action thriller featuring a huge cast including Kate Winslet, Anthony Mackie, Aaron Paul, and Woody Harrelson.

What’s Coming to Netflix on December 9th

  • Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love: Christmas (2020) N – The final, Christmas-themed episode for the live-action kids series.
  • Kalel, 15 (2019) – Drama from the Philippines about the carelessness of youth when it comes to sex.
  • Regiment Diaries (Season 2) – War docu-series from India.
  • Rose Island (2020) N – Italian comedy.
  • The Big Show Show: Christmas (2020) N – The final episode set in a Christmas theme for the WWE performer.
  • The Surgeon’s Cut (Season 1) N – BBC production across 4 episodes that looks into various surgeons and the work they do.

What’s Coming to Netflix on December 10th

  • Alice in Borderland (Season 1) N – Japanese live-action adaptation of the manga.

What’s Coming to Netflix on December 11th

  • A Trash Truck Christmas (2020) N – Special episode for one of Netflix’s new kids series.
  • Canvas (2020) N – Animated movie about a grandfather living on after a devastating loss.
  • Giving Voice (2020) N – Documentary looking into six hopefuls auditioning for a major role in Broadway.
  • The Mess You Leave Behind (Season 1) N – Spanish limited series follow a teacher who starts work at a school who just faced a mysterious death and now begins fearing for her own life.
  • The Prom (2020) N – The Ryan Murphy extravaganza featuring an all-singing and dancing cast.
  • Torbaaz (2020) – Indian Bollywood thriller.

What’s Coming to Netflix on December 12th

  • Grizzy and the Lemmings (Season 2) – Animated kids series.

What’s Coming to Netflix on December 14th

  • A California Christmas (2020) N – Romantic Christmas movie about a wealthy man posing as a ranch hand to get the woman of his dreams.

tiny pretty things netflix

  • Tiny Pretty Things (Season 1) N – Mystery thriller series set in an elite ballet academy.

What’s Coming to Netflix on December 15th

  • Black Ink Crew New York (Seasons 1 & 2) – Tatoo reality series.
  • Pup Academy (Season 2) – New adventures with the talking pups.
  • Song Exploder (Volume 2) N – More breakdowns of some of your favorite tracks from your favorite artists.
  • Teen Mom 2 (Seasons 1 & 2) – Reality series.
  • The Challenge (Seasons 10 & 13) – Competition reality series.
  • The Grizzlies (2020) – Students living in an Arctic town discover the sport of lacrosse.

the professor and the madman netflix december 2020

  • The Professor and the Madman (2019) – Mel Gibson and Sean Penn star in this true story adaptation of the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary.

What’s Coming to Netflix on December 16th

  • Anitta: Made In Honório (Season 1) N – Docu-series on the Brazillian singer Anitta.
  • How To Ruin Christmas (Season 1) N – Comedy-drama.

incarnate netflix december 2020

  • Incarnate (2016) – Horror starring Aaron Eckhart and Carice van Houten about a scientist able to free the minds of those possessed.
  • Nocturnal Animals (2016) – Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal feature in this thriller about an art gallery owner haunted by her ex-husband’s novel.
  • The Ripper (Limited Series) N – Docu-series looking into the famous modern-day Jake the Ripper how was active in the 1970s.

What’s Coming to Netflix on December 17th

braven new on netflix december 2020

  • Braven (2018) – Jason Momoa’s action thriller about a logger having to defend himself.

What’s Coming to Netflix on December 18th

  • Home for Christmas (Season 2) N – Scandanavian Christmas series returns.
  • Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (2020) N – The final movie featuring the now late Chadwick Boseman.
  • Sweet Home (Season 1) N – Humans are turning into savage monsters in this thrilling survival show from Asia.

What’s Coming to Netflix on December 22nd

  • After We Collided (2020) – The sequel to After from 2018.

What’s Coming to Netflix on December 23rd

the midnight sky netflix december 2020

  • The Midnight Sky (2020) N – Huge sci-fi space thriller starring George Clooney and Felicity Jones.

What’s Coming to Netflix on December 25th

  • Bridgerton (Season 1) N – The first series from Shondaland that’s a cross between Downton Abby and a Disney princess movie.

What’s Coming to Netflix on December 30th

  • Transformers: War for Cybertron (Chapter 2) N – Anime series continues.


What’s Coming to Netflix on December 31st

  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Season 4) N – The final outing for Sabrina.

What are you looking forward to watching on Netflix in December? Let us know in the comments.

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